Best Bikini Bollywood Beauties and Their Lifestyle

Bollywood in India is the considered to be one of the largest entertainment Industries in the world. The Bollywood industry is reckoned with some of the hottest beauties of the world whom the whole world would never miss to share their glimpses of appreciation. They have always been in the limelight for their exemplary beauty painted with the simplicity of Indian culture. It was not long before that Bollywood changed the taste of Indian viewers and gave them a turn towards the world of glamour that was otherwise considered to be taboo in India. Today, Indian beauties are not the ones who veiled their lustful beauty to respect the conservative society of India because with the expansion of market and the demand of Bollywood, the time has come to walk on the competitive floor of glamour and beauty.

The lists of Bollywood beauties, who are bold enough to rule the market of glamour with their beautiful bodies are enough to be in the limelight but there are some trend maker beauties of Bollywood who pioneered the daring act of exposing the lustful beauty of Bollywood.

Sharmila Tagore:

She was the rule breaker back in 60’s when everyone was left dumbstruck after seeing her bold exposure. She was the first lady with a bold spirit of an exhibitionist to appear in a bikini. Te trend setter lady with her winged eyeliner has all set to give Indian film industry a new name. The matter became so hot during the time, that it was even escalated to parliament. Today she is a mother of one of the most liked stars of Bollywood Saif Ali Khan who believes her to be a “blast from the past”

sharmila tagore in bikini

Sharmila Tagore started her acting career merely in the age of 14 that opened her way to attract more eyeballs in the Bollywood industry where she starred with some of the greatest actors of that time like Shammi kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, etc.

Zeenat Aman:

zeenat aman in bikini

She is still shadowing the hottest news of Bollywood industry after revealing her decision to remarry in the age of nearly 60. This symbolizes her sexagenarian personality still determined to set trends in the industry. Born to a Hindu mother and a Muslim father Zeenat was born with extra-ordinary brilliance that changed the perceptions of people regarding the image of Indian woman and set a new image symbolizing “Beauty with brains”. She was also crowned as Miss Asia. She was the lady who brought the picture of western culture in the Bollywood that even gave her the name of the sex symbol of Bollywood. She is a lady who had all to create a platform for the image of an urban woman shifting the perceptions of Indian who never had imagined women to cross the rural boundaries and unveil their capabilities.

Dimple Kapadia:

Dimple Kapadia in bikini

She can be called as the light of Bollywood because of the several awards she won during her time of acting. She is still in the limelight winning several National Film Awards for Best Actress. Her first movie proved her name to be called as national sex symbol, when she was merely at an age of 16. She played the title role for the movie “Bobby” that became a hit of the time because of her bold scenes of exposure, but the limelight soon ended with her decision to marry Rajesh Khanna in the same year. It was only after they got separated Dimple Kapadia was again back with all her spirit to rule the Bollywood industry with her versatile role as an actress. She is a mother of two daughters – Twinkle and Rinkie, who are also the former actress.

Bipasha Basu:

bipasha basu in bikini

Proclaiming her bikini body, Bipasha is one of the hottest bikini beauties of Bollywood. This Bengali Bomb has set a trend that has inspired many beauties of Bollywood to charm their viewers by their bikini bodies. Getting her acting career to reach the heights from the movie “Jism”, Bipasha made a remarkable entry in the film Industry as a star with the hottest exposing scenes. She has also been an inspiration for the fitness enthusiast to follow the secrets of her fitness tips. Starting her career as a model, Bipasha has played many movies that followed the changed trend of woman dominating roles that had seldom hit the box office in Indian film industry.

Deepika Padukone:

deepika padukone in bikini

Known as happy legs, Deepika has not only won the votes of Indian viewers for her acting and beautiful looks but she also later added some seductiveness with her bold bikini appearance that made the viewers keenly wait for more to be revealed. After winning the ramp as one of the successful models she made her entry with the hit movie Om Shanti Om that made her space among the most liked actresses of Bollywood. She has always been a hot topic for the media because of her affairs with many actors and she is still one of the most searched names in Bollywood film industry.

Anushka Sharma:

anushka sharma in bikini 2

Anushka Sharma just stepped ahead of her image of simplicity towards the world of glamour to an extent that she made her name in the top list of best Bikini and beach body in India. The title was also shared by John Abraham among the male actors of Indian film Industry. In the movie Ladies vs Ricky Bahl, Anushka left all the viewers stuck on the couch when she revealed her seducing scenes wearing a bikini. So, this actress has not just won the hearts of Indian film industry with her traditional appearance of a homely girl but also has made them wait for more of her revealing bikini stints.

Kangana Ranaut:

kangana ranaut in bikini

Winning the titles of National Film Award and two Film Fare awards, Kangana Ranaut is never to be missed in the list of hottest bikini Bollywood beauties in India. In order to bring the change in her typecast of neurotic role, Kangana gave a shift to her acting career with more dominant roles that also added some comic roles. Her stubborn character has made her one of the bold beauties of Bollywood who doesn’t want to be stereotyped but explore more as an exhibitionist.

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