Top 10 Female Fitness Tips to be Fit This Year: A Guide to Women’s Health

Top 10 Female Fitness Tips to be Fit This Year: A Guide to Women’s Health

Let this year be more glamorous for the women who will be carrying an alluring fit body and hitting the eyes of the crowds on the streets, or making their dear ones chew their lips. The foremost requirement to set up the calendar of this year as a fitness year is to build a mind to include some healthy changes in the lifestyle more willingly than ever before. A woman with a fit body will not only inspire the whole family but will also give a new turn in strengthening the relationships. The layout just reveals the 10 tips to rule this year with a fit body, but there can always be more once the journey towards the fitness begins:

Top 10 Female Fitness Tips to be Fit This Year: A Guide to Women’s Health

Build your mind strong with determination, and dedication:

There is no achievement in this world without determination and dedication. Getting a fit body requires tough routines, tiresome exercises, the so-called “boring food charts, and many more. Only 30-40 percent of women, who opt for fitness programs, achieve the desired results because they never quit in the middle. The initial months may seem unproductive because the body may not see any results, and this is the stage when most of the women quit. The results take time to show, and it can only be brought with consistency. So before proclaiming this year as a fitness year, build up a strong mind that will follow the rule of consistency.

Draw a food chart and follow it stringently

Let the time for all the junk food, fast food, oily and crispy, creamy and meaty food come to an end this year. Instead, let this year be more focused on healthy diets that’ll appall your attention towards the metabolism rate, the calories intake and other health data of your body. This research will help the women to know and understand their body better. The work begins with the help of some expert dietician or some research with books, blogs and other mediums. The balanced diet chart should be followed stringently and it is always better to carry a copy of it at work. This will help the women to skip the habit of running into the nearest fast food restaurant and instead will remind them about other healthy alternative like fruits, juices, vegetable salads etc.

Say bye to long hours on couch and Television

It might be quiet a tough job for the women and specially housewives to quit their favorite soaps and shows. The long and unproductive hours spent slothfully squeezed on the couch not only makes the body fat and obese but it also wastes the valuable time. The time can be utilized for some healthy activities like yoga, walking, dancing and other health related activities.

Start with a treadmill

Many women would like to start it at home before they consult a trainer or join a health and fitness club. A treadmill can alone solve most of the fitness problems for the women. A little research on the tread mill exercise techniques, number of sets and number of reps per set can help to start with wonders at the comfort zone of home. A tread mill standing at the corner of the room will also every time remind about the determined plan of getting a fit body this year and will help to cut off some unhealthy habits.

Top 10 Female Fitness Tips to be Fit This Year: A Guide to Women’s Health

Save on paying for some household works;

The house hold works like gardening, digging, shoveling the mud, wiping the floor, etc help a lot to the body for burning some extra calories that may otherwise get stored as extra fats and make the body obese. Getting involved in such works not only works as an exercise for the body but also helps to spend the unproductive time. In addition it can also save a lot of money to bring some new exercise equipments at home.

Increase the intensity level to increase the fitness chart of your body.

To start with the exercise programs, body needs to get accustomed to the intensity level of any exercise programs. Cardio exercise and aerobics can work as a great start before opting for high intensity exercise programs like weight lifting and others. Never stick to one level of intensity. Instead the body should always be pushed to acquire more. This will help the body to develop the core strength along with a desired level of fitness. Once the body starts feeling easier to perform an exercise, the intensity level should be increased so that the body too improves with its health and fitness.

Develop a habit of walking.

Start the day with a walk of 1-2 hour. This will help the body to warm up before attending the exercise program or fitness club. Walking is a good exercise, and it can be done at any time of the day. A little change in the daily routine can take out some time for walking, for example, leaving your car and availing a public transport that will require a lot of walking, taking a dog for a walk, climbing stairs instead of getting in to the lift etc.

Involve the technique of interval exercise in your exercise program.

This technique is bet preferred by most of the renowned fitness trainers all around the world. The technique requires a set of exercise to be performed after every interval of time in the middle of any other exercise program. This can help the body to develop the core strength and consistency for any exercise program.

Top 10 Female Fitness Tips to be Fit This Year: A Guide to Women’s Health

Feel the change, measure the progress.

There is chart called the fitness report card that measures the progress of fitness level for any fitness program. This chart will not only help to motivate the women but also give certain tips to focus more on the weak areas of the program. The chart can give a feeling of achievement that alone can change the lifestyle of women from unhealthy to healthy lifestyle.

Staying happy – Check the fitness level of mind.

A healthy mind can never live in an unhealthy body, and similarly a healthy body will never live with unhealthy mind. The exercise techniques and all other fitness programs can help the body to stay healthy, but more importantly very few people give attention to their mind. A stressful mind can trigger the growth of some unhealthy hormones for example, cortisol, in the body that can create imbalance in the metabolism rate or other unhealthy activities of the body. This can increase the risk of body becoming vulnerable to health disorders. So it is always better to keep the mind calm and healthy along with the physical exercise programs. Yoga, dance, art class or any such activity that helps to clean the mind and stay happy can be of great help to stay fit this year.

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