Can You Reverse Wrinkle?

The wrinkles, also known by the name rhytides can be removed if taken care of properly in early as things get better when starting early. Basically, the wrinkles are caused by the lack of protein collagen and elastin. Listed below are the steps that you can perform for reversing the wrinkle:

Use Sunscreen

It is recommended that you apply sunscreen on your face whenever you step out of your home. You must use sunscreen which has the SPF (sun protection factor) above 30 so that you prevent yourself from getting cancer. The sunscreen might be considered as the best wrinkle cream as it will definitely help you in reversing the wrinkle and make you look young. Even many researchers and studies suggest that the sunscreen helps in dealing with aging and helps in preventing the fine lines from coming on your face.

Can You Reverse Wrinkle?

Take Less Sugar

The dermatologist has many times suggested that you must take very less sugar which is not only beneficial to your health but also to your skin. The sugar when you intake will initiate the process of glycation which has the AGEs has the end product which will be causing damage to your skin. The collagen will get break down and thus the aging process will get faster. To resist the aging process, you need to take the food which has very less amount of sugar in it and also it must be free from oil.

Do Not Smoke

As suggested by the doctors, smoking is bad not only for your health but the people around you. And thus it is bad for your skin as well as it can adversely affect especially the aging process will get initiated quickly. Even if you are around the person who is smoking, then also you can invite the damage to your skin and it will also highlight the fine lines on your face along with other skin problems. The smoking may also cause other serious diseases also such as cancer which rarely has any cure.

Apply Coconut Oil

The coconut oil will be helpful in filling up the gaps in the epidermis as it acts as a natural emollient and it can also give you smooth skin. For the dry skin, coconut oil is the best thing to apply as it will not only moisturize your skin but also keep you hydrated for the whole day. The coconut oil is also added in the best wrinkle cream as it diminishes the visibility of the fine line on your forehead or under your eyes making you look old.

Increase Your Beta Carotene

The beta carotene in your skin helps in acting as a barrier against the ultraviolet rays of the sun which is very harmful to your skin. It is important to keep in mind while buying the best wrinkle cream that you look for the presence of the beta carotene as it is beneficial to your healthy skin. The presence of the beta carotene will definitely help you in preventing the wrinkle which is also known by the name photoaging and can also keep your skin repaired and have a unique glow.

Change Your Sleep Position

The wrinkle appearing on your face can be due to the sleeping position you are following for years. If you are sleeping in a position where the face is getting pressed against your pillow then it is called compressing and can be a reason behind the visibility of the wrinkle. The compression sleeping position can make your skin get weak day by day and it cannot also stand against any skin damage. You can reverse the wrinkle by changing the position in which you used to sleep and start sleeping on your back instead.

Regular Face Wash

To take care of your face, you need to invest some time on it and it will take hardly two to three minutes to wash your face with a face wash before going to bed. It is necessary that you wash your face in the night and it becomes an important thing to do if you have applied the makeup as most of it is absorbed by your skin. Since the cosmetic products that you are using include the chemical only, so washing the residue will lend some hand in preventing aging.

Avoiding Ultraviolet Rays

The main reason for the wrinkle appearing on your face is the ultraviolet rays that cause damage not only to your skin but also to your eyes and other body parts. It is the main reason behind the series of serious diseases such as cancer which rarely has any cure. So it is very important to avoid the harmful ultraviolet light of the sun and you cannot completely shield yourself against the light but can take measure step for preventing the harm it may cause. You can wear full clothes while stepping out in the sun.

Increase Your Antioxidants: Comparing to the other organ, your skin is most exposed to oxidative stress which is very harmful to your skin cells. By consuming the antioxidant, your skin will be able to heal and repair the damage caused by the oxidant stress. You can also opt for the best wrinkle cream which contains the antioxidant so that it will give skin free from the wrinkle.


It is the wish of every woman to get skin that is free from the fine line and to look young also in their old days. There are many best wrinkle cream available in the market that may help you in getting a skin which is less thin and can stand against any damage. With the environment pollution, dehydration and toxicity present in the air, there are more chances of getting wrinkles on your face. We highly hope that this article will help you in getting skin free from wrinkles and these fine lines will be decreased.

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