Is Ebola Virus Disease Really Scary?

Is Ebola Virus Disease Really Scary?

Signs and Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

There have been serious discussions about Ebola Virus Disease these days. Is Ebola Virus Disease really scary? Yes, it is scary as it is a rare deadly virus which causes bleeding all over the body whether inside or outside. Slowly and gradually the virus spreads all over the body damaging the immune system as well as the organs. Finally, Ebola stimulates in the drooping of levels associated with blood-clotting cells. This further leads to serious as well as unmanageable bleeding.

This virus infection is also referred as Ebola hemorrhagic fever and it kills around 90-95% of people who get infected by it. The major outbreaks about the disease are only shown up in Africa despite there have been major rumours about the outbreak of the disease in United States. This disease basically travels with you and spreads along. Till now there have been no cases of Ebola in U.S. but it is possible if an affected person travels there.

Ebola Virus is not similar to other common viruses like measles or colds or influenza as they transmit easily but Ebola is not transmissible. It spreads from person to person through physical contact or through some bodily fluids. You can get infected with Ebola Virus infection by touching contaminated surfaces or needles. A person suffering from Ebola but not showing any symptoms can’t really spread it through. This virus doesn’t travel through water or sir or food.

Signs and Symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease

In the beginning, it feels like flu or just similar like you feel in other illnesses but its symptoms shows up after 2-21 days and symptoms include:

  • High fever or severe headache
  • Pain in joints and muscles
  • Weakness and sore throat
  • Lack of appetite or pain in stomach
  • Breath shortness
  • Trouble in swallowing food
  • Chest pain or hiccups
  • Arthritis or lower back pain
  • Diarrhoea or fatigue
  • Malaise or nausea

Late Signs and Symptoms

  • Bleeding from nose, ears and eyes
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding i.e. blood through rectum and mouth
  • Conjunctivitis (eye swelling)
  • Swelling on scrotum or labia
  • Increased pain in skin
  • Rashes over entire body

As the affect starts getting worse, it affects the inner body organs and causes bleeding even through ears, eyes as well as nose. Some people even cough or vomit up blood followed by a rash and bloody diarrhoea.

Diagnosis of Ebola Virus Disease

At times it is really hard to diagnose Ebola Virus disease through symptoms and even doctors’ tests to rule out malaria or cholera but blood or tissues tests can easily diagnose the disease. It is recommended that if you are affected with Ebola then you must immediately be isolated from that particular area if you really want to prevent the disease from spreading.

Treatment of Ebola Virus Disease

There is no particular treatment to cure Ebola but researchers are really working hard to get it through with a treatment. The treatment of Ebola includes an experimental serum which destruct all the infected cells. Even doctors and health care providers try hard to diagnose the symptoms of Ebola with:

  • Oxygen or blood transfusions
  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • Blood pressure
  • Other infections treatment

Prevention of Ebola Virus Disease

Till now there is no vaccine available for preventing Ebola. The only best way to avoid getting affected by the disease is by not travelling to the affected areas. You can prevent infection by wearing goggles or gloves or masks while getting into contact with a person might be affected with the disease.

Ebola Virus Disease is a severely deadly illness and its being spread worldwide due to its high potentiality of destructiveness. if you sometime feels the same then immediately contact your doctor and get it treated on early stage itself because later there will be no choices left for you as it spreads quickly over the entire body. If you have any queries about the same, then please leave your comments below and spread the word among your friends through social networking websites about contagious Ebola Virus Disease.

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