Tips to Make Your Man Happy in the Bedroom

Tips to Make Your Man Happy in the Bedroom

Getting connected with someone is a good feeling. A happy relation is something we all think of, but, however, what if you got fail in your motive to make your hubby feel happy emotionally as well as sexually. Sometimes a man cheats their wives just because of this reason. When they do not get enough attention and security, they cheat. No girl in this world would like if she got cheated. You must take care of them and yes at the same time make them feel special for you. A life without or life with distance from your hubby or spouse is nothing but a life of despair. Some feelings like insecurity, attention, etc. lead to various types of questions and misunderstanding in life.

Tips to Make Your Man Happy in the Bedroom


In order to avoid these things that may even leads to a permanent division and also to divorce. You must try some alternatives or efforts by your own. Although it is impossible to know about man completely, here are some tips about how to make your man happy in the bedroom. You must try out them to have results in your favor with no extra efforts and tension.

How to make your man happy in the bedroom?

Know your hubby’s mood

First of all, things and efforts by you must be there to understand his feeling. Try to know your hubby’s mood, what he likes? What does he want from you? What he expect from you? Moreover, such questions must be cleared. Also, almost all man wants sex, and some want adventures, role-playing and different positions. So what’s your hubby’s demand? Work on that. Sometimes your hubby wants you, your time. Be ready for that situation too. Spend more and more time with him. Also let him know you the more he wants.

Encourage and trust building

In some cases, he just wants you; an individual appreciation by you makes him feel happy. Encourage him in front of others and also in private. This not only make him feel good but this will develop some interest of you in him. Also, he will like to get closer to you. Trust is one of the major aspects needed in a relationship. Show him that he is a single one in your life, and you love him a lot too. Doing so will reduce or even may delete the chance of getting cheated by him.

Change the mood

This does not mean that you always change his mind to sexy one. Instead always try to be friendlier, open and sometimes hot. Sometimes try to flirt with him at right place or time. Use some tricks that make him jealous but not too jealous. Try different postures, positions and style for sex in bed. Don’t get too clingy. Give him some space, not every incident in his life is good or right for sharing according to him. Don’t get angry or ignite fight on petty issues. Help him in dark times and enjoy in happiness.


Learn how to compromise in situations and compromise in his likes/dislikes. Don’t get too shy in bed. Also be bold and open to compromise with him. You will not the only one to compromise every time if you try to be the first then he will also compromise. Doing so will make your relationship going on its way in nice and will last long. Never try to avoid sex entirely. According to a considerable proportion of population sex for a guy, is sometimes they feel is an essential and important part of their relationship.

Make him feel sexy

Make you are hubby feel hot especially at night. Try naughty sentences, words to them. Sometimes like in parties or office whisper or call him saying, “I want you” making him feeling hot and expecting that you want them in bed. Don’t get jealous by other girls in their life maybe she is his friend, business partner, colleges or anyone else. Hook up with them at new places. Date and seduce them. Invest in some sexy lingerie that makes him feel naughty. Sometimes it is advised to dance with some sexy dress and no wear underneath. Let him dance with you and feel you to the utmost. Also, he will get hot and hornier as he realizes that you have not worn anything underneath your clothes.

Some more tips to make your man happy

  • Believe or not food is one that can make your hubby’s mood according to you.
  • Respect them for what they expect, they did, they decide and their love for you.
  • Demand for their help when you need or finds they can.
  • Be totally sincere and polite on your part whether to protect your relation or your efforts towards them.
  • Make them feel special for you and at the same time feel their importance in your life.

Using these simple tips you may have your hubby in your control. The relationship is not only about love or sex but a perfect relationship is one in which both loves each other a  lot and they know how to compromise and have or promote their life for a long time like they have in tier earlier married time. Sex yes plays an important part in life but not always is the only point to focus on. Relationship not only needs attention from male or female member, but it needs focus and care of both. Be the first of your kind and your partner and be happy with them. Have you tried something else to make your man happy in bedroom? If yes, then don’t forget to share with us.

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