When Does Back Pain Start in Pregnancy?

When Does Back Pain Start in Pregnancy?

Everyone in the family would get happiness, when their daughter or wife says that she is pregnant. During those golden days it is mandatory for the pregnant women to take care of her. She can find out a lot of changes that has happened to her both physically as well as mentally. To bear that she must know how to deal with all things because, “Prevention is better than cure”.

One of the common problems that the pregnant ladies get is back pain. It should be avoided because it is estimated that nearly around 60% to 81% of the women experience back pain during her pregnancy period. The studies shows that normally the pregnant ladies get the lower back pain between 5th and 7th month in some cases there are also possibility for her to get lower back pain at the beginning of her 8th to 12th week.

When Does Back Pain Start in Pregnancy?

What are the different types of the back pain that pregnant ladies face?

Most commonly the pregnant lady would face two different types of the back pain. They are

  • Lower back pain or it is also known as the lumbar – It is generally located at and above the waist that is present in the center of your back. This pain typically increases based on the sitting, standing and repetitive lifting.
  • The second type of the posterior pelvic pain – It is considered as the four time prevalent when compared to the lower back pain. It is deep pain that is felt below and side at the waistline. This pain can be experience in one or even sometimes in both sides. This pain would come while you are doing the following activities as like the rolling, climbing up, sitting and rising up from your seated position in sudden, lifting up heavy things, twisting and running.

When do the back pains, starts during pregnancy?

Unfortunately the back pain would start fairly at the early period of pregnancy and some women experience that at the first trimester but others start up around 18 weeks. The main cause for the back pain during the pregnancy is due to the hormone changes that are happened in the relaxing that causes the ligaments in the stable joints and in your pelvis for loosening up.

What are the treatments that you can undergo?

You can choose out the best pregnancy pillows for back pain that would sure give you a better relief. The other things that you can follow are as follows

  • It is required for you to watch your postures while you are sitting.
  • You can take some breaks at between as like sitting and standing for some time.
  • It is best for you to avoid lifting up the heavy loads.
  • There is a need for you to watch your weight.
  • Make use of the best pregnancy pillows for back pain.
  • It is best choice for you to make use of the right shoes while you are walking that gives a best comfortable situation for your foot.
  • Try to get your firm mattress based on your body condition and month.
  • Never climb up to the staircase and think always positive.
  • It is required for you to take a bath is the warm water.
  • Get a massage and talk to your doctor about the remedies that you have to take.

What are the best pregnancy pillows for back pain to use?

When Does Back Pain Start in Pregnancy?

When you are really carrying about your baby the first and foremost thing that you have to concentrate is to buy the effective and comfortable best pregnancy pillows for back pain that is available for you. In online when you make your search there you can find out a lot of different varieties and brands of pillows are available for the pregnancy ladies based on the month and week. One can choose based on the structure and growth of the baby growth.

It is required for you to examine once or twice before buying it is because not all the types of the pregnancy pillows would suits for the ladies. Each one would have their own sleeping style and method based on that you can choose.

Some of the fascinating pillows that you can buy and use during your pregnancy period are listed below

Leachco snoogle body pillow

  • Leachco snoogle body pillow is C shaped pillow that follows the natural contour.
  • It supports for your body from the head to toe.
  • It gives a best relief from the back pain.
  • Add a comfortable situation for the knees, stomach and head.

Pharmedoc full body support

  • It supports for your entire body right from your back to your leg.
  • You can rearrange the pillow based on your body positioning based on your current needs.
  • You can get this pillow in three different colors as like ivory, fuchsia and royal blue.

Hiccapop pregnancy pillows

  • Hiccapop pregnancy pillows reduces out your swelling problem in your hands, legs and feet.
  • It gives you the best relief from the nerve pain and the leg numbness.
  • It suits perfect for making your travel change more comfortable.

Mommy matters with portable pregnancy pillow

  • It acts perfect for you to make use of it in your home.
  • It gives a perfect relief during your busy day.

Perfect queen pregnancy pillow

  • It is designed up with the U shaped.
  • It gives the maximum support while you are sleeping.
  • This shape would provide you the best support.
  • You can find the different color options as like the pink, blue and gray.
  • It provides the extra support and it is soft bionic polyethylene.

Additional things that you have to check

  • It should be easy for you to clean.
  • The cost of the pillow should be reasonable.
  • Machine washable would be better.
  • It should make you to feel that you are light.

The color of the pillow should be quite impressive.

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